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At Setter’s H C Townsville Bowen Therapy can bring pain relief for many problems, here are the more common ailments we treat.


Pain is physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. Pain is experienced in the body when pain receptors in the body’s nerves are stimulated and the brain receives these signals interpreting them as physical discomfort. Depending on the illness or injury this can also be produced by nerves being impacted on by surrounding structures.

The team at Setters Health Centre can help with pain originating from back, neck and joint conditions, muscle tension and musculoskeletal misalignment. We have also had success with helping clients manage their headaches.

Lymphatic Congestion

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels which runs parallel to the blood vessels, and drains lymph from the tissues into the blood. This system relies on surrounding muscles and gravity to assist in moving the lymph back towards the heart. Congestion in this system can be caused by blockages due to inflammation around the lymph vessels, poor mobility, poor diet, cessation of smoking and heightened immune responses that can occur in a number of illnesses. Congestion can cause flu-like symptoms, lethargy, painful nodes, headaches and lymphoedema. Using Bowen Therapy we can help activate the body to address the congestion in the lymphatic system.


Fatigue can be caused by conditions such as Ross River Fever, Chronic Fatigue and prolonged exposure to mental and physical tension. Bowen Therapy and it’s role as a Body Balancer can help the body to function more efficiently.

Sinus Congestion and Breathing Difficulties

Inflammation and congestion of the sinus cavities and airways can be caused by allergies, hayfever, asthma, colds and flu and anxiety. The team at Setters Health Centre can help to open and drain the sinuses, open the airways and help to relax the thoracic muscles.

Muscle Tension

Muscle tension can result from prolonged exposure to physical, mental and emotional stressors, injury and chronic pain. By helping to relax the muscles and letting the body restore its natural balance, we can assist relieve muscle tension.

Hormone Imbalances

Hormones are a natural component of the body’s regulatory system. Imbalances can occur due to life stage, medications, diet and illness. Bowen Therapy and it’s role as a Body Balancer can help the body to function more efficiently.

Circulation problems

Circulation problems can manifest with swelling in the limbs and slower healing rate. This can be particularly a problem for the elderly and those suffering from lower limb conditions.

Disc Bulge

A bulging disc can be referred to as a slipped disc or a protruding disc. However, when the disc bulge is significant enough for the disc nucleus to come out, it is known as a herniated disc.


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