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29 Mar

Migraine relief with Bowen Therapy In Townsville




Migraine is a type of headache and is a recognised medical condition. Young women are most at risk in regards to migraine symptoms and yet migraine headaches affect many adult men and women.

At this time there is no scientific cure for a migraine. Treatments centre around the client addressing what triggers the migraines and medications for when migraines hit. The right treatment plan with Bowen Therapy can radically reduce the number and intensity of the migraine attacks and thus reduce the reliance on medications to manage the symptoms.

The Symptoms of migraine are different from other types of headache. These symptoms can include nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, with vision affected to the point that the sufferer sees visual auras, a deep intolerance to smell, and touch of any kind, numbness radiating over the face, and down to the extremities of the hands and feet.

What triggers a migraine is the real mystery until each person identifies the triggers and there are times when people never truly discover the trigger.
But as with any other form of pain, there is generally a combination of factors that can lead to increased frequency.

. Sleep – either too much or too little

. Hormonal changes

. Outdoor factors – excessive heat, bright sun, noise from workplace or house hold chemicals

. Food additives

. Diet – chocolate and citrus fruit share a common chemical component that can trigger a migraine.

. Emotional Balance – Excitement – Stress – Tired

. Weekend migraines often triggered by bullying at school or work.

Treatment of migraine

There is no cure for migraine and prevention is difficult, but western medicine treatments can help reduce the number of attacks. Migraines vary greatly from person to person and so does the treatment.

Here are some options available to migraine suffers:

Avoiding the trigger factors

Medication on stand by when you feel the first signs of migraine coming on.

Staying fit and relaxed and staying away from fast food.

Where to get help?

. General Practitioner

. Neurologist

. Headache Australia

. Setters Health Centre Phone 0747 2888 00

Now, with the arrival of Bowen Therapy, there is another bowstring in the fight against Migraine Headaches. From the moment of diagnosis, Bowen Therapy’s Lower Back, Upper Back, Neck, & Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) procedure begins reducing pain and restriction in the muscles around the head & face. Bowen Therapy is a set system of small moves, the technique is a gentle, fast and effective way to treat muscle and connective tissue disorders. The Bowen Therapy client can, within weeks, enjoy activity, if not sport, without pain. In some Bowen Therapy clients, Migraine pain symptoms have been known to cease altogether in three to six months instead of years by conventional means.

Benjamin Setter
Bowen Therapy Specialist
Setter’s Health Centre Townsville

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