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25 Apr

Dangers of Bowen Therapy A Rebuttal By Benjamin Setter Pain Relief Specialist

Please note that Google has the search heading “Dangers of Bowen Therapy” SIMPLY PUT THERE ARE NO DANGERS FROM BOWEN THERAPY!

Bowen Therapeutic Technique (Bowen Therapy) is completely safe for the newborn baby to the frail and elderly. It is gentle, fast and an effective way to treat health concerns. Learn more follow the link to our page on Bowen Therapy

The success of your Bowen Therapy treatment rests with both your treatment and what you do to support your body in the days after your treatment. By following the Golden Rules… Follow the link to learn more!

Your Bowen Therapist should let you know that you may or may not get few aches and pains after the treatment. And he or she will call you in 2 days after the treatment to see how you are doing… Whilst also checking on how well you are doing with the Golden Rules.

Bowen Therapy stimulates the patient’s musculoskeletal system into realigning itself. The beauty of Bowen Therapy is that it will not interfere and works well with all medication and/or dietary supplements and is gentle but powerful. A treatment takes about one hour… Bowen Therapy is unique in its ability to not combine with other therapies.

To learn more contact us about a Bowen Therapy session in Townsville tailored specifically for you.
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Benjamin Setter
Pain Relief Specialist

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