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What Is Bowen Therapy? By Setter's Health Centre Townsville

What Is Bowen Therapy? Presented by Benjamin Setter with an unequaled 30 years experience as the Senior Bowen Therapy Practitioner in Aitkenvale, Townsville.

“I believe that everyone should have a pain free future!”
Benjamin Setter Pain Specialist

What Is Bowen Therapy?

The Bowen Therapeutic Technique – Bowen Therapy, which is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that encourages the body to heal itself. This technique involves a gentle roll over the muscle and fascia. (Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place.)

By using a set system of these small moves from the base of the neck to the tips of the toes, with small waits of 2 minutes or more between sets of moves, the Bowen Therapist stimulates the body’s innate healing system to realign and re-balance.

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History Of Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Therapy, or the full name Bowen Therapeutic Technique was developed in the 1950’s by Tom Bowen. Tom Bowen was a remarkable man with an innate sense of the human body. He lived in Victoria and through his bodywork clinics in Geelong used his hands to activate each patients body to stimulate their own self-healing ability.

Over the years Tom Bowen shared his work and understanding with six people known as ‘Tom’s Boys”. One of these was Oswald Rentsch, who founded The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia in 1985 with his wife Elaine Rentsch.
Since then Bowen Therapy has taken off here in Australia and around the world! With the help of some very special people… I would mention Mr Milton J. Albrecht the Father of Bowen Therapy in the USA. & Julian & Louise Baker, for founding the first school in the United Kingdom.

History Of Setter’s Pain Relief Centre

Setter’s Health Centre began in January of 1991, Benjamin Setter was involved in a motor accident. The injuries sustained left him with a severe spinal curvature. Through a family friend, Benjamin received one Bowen Therapy treatment every week for three months. At the end of this period Benjamin was relieved and surprised to find his spine had straightened, and his pain was gone!

Impressed with this Bowen Therapeutic Technique, Benjamin attended the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (Bowtech) where he received his Diploma of Proficiency in Bowen Therapy that same year and pioneered the 1st Bowen Therapy Clinic In Townsville in 1991.

To Make An Appointment Phone 07 4728 8800 – 0409 102 861 or Book Online on our contacts page

Reviews are without doubt the highest praise that can be given over the last 30 years. I have received a large number of testimonials from delighted clients… This is just one!

Last week my lower back collapsed, I suffer from a long standing spinal injury resulting in herniated discs L4 and L5. This happens around once every five to seven years and the pain is severe.
Like the six millon dollar man, Benjamin has rebuilt my back from the pelvis up and I can now walk upright without pain.
On going Bowen treatments means I can continue working which would be impossible otherwise with this injury.

Melissa Thorpe

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How Do You Choose A Bowen Therapist?

It is best to choose a registered therapist. Yes, a registered therapist can give you some insight… But be aware at this time only those that belonging to the Bowen Therapy Association of Australia have access to the Australian Government Recognised learning program and the Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy. I would ask you also to keep in mind that it is not how long a person has had the Diploma for, it is how many treatments a Therapist is doing per week to continue to improve their level of skill of the Bowen Move… Continuing Bowen Therapy education is just as vital in order to maintain the Government standard. The Therapist must continue to do updated training, giving you the client some assurance that you are receiving the best Bowen Therapy available.

For me finding a Bowen Therapist has always been Word of Mouth… It is still the best!!! Ask your friends and family and you will be surprised how many have used me for their Bowen Therapy!

Who Can Be Treated?

30 years on Bowen Therapy is an ongoing therapy with great success at supporting those with back, neck, and knee pain. To Chronic conditions e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Osgood-Schlatter Disease, Asthma, Shurmans Disease. The person may experience relief and significant resolution or recovery. But as Gyms of Australia have been well aware for sometime now… That to enact change in the human body you need a minimum of an 8 to 12 week program. Be patient with your body as well as your Bowen Therapist!

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About Benjamin Setter Pain Specialist

Benjamin Setter is a trailblazer for Bowen Therapy! He is now a recognised Pain Specialist who has focused solely on Bowen Therapy. With 30 years experience and having performed more then 40 000 individual Bowen treatments his experience in this field is unparalleled.

Benjamin has been fortunate to spend his entire professional career as a Bowen Therapist… He Lives and Breaths this wonderful healing modality. Having opened the first Bowen Therapy clinic in his home town of Townsville Australia and received his Diploma from Mr and Mrs Ossie & Elaine Rentsch back in 1991. In 1994 he had the honour of setting up Bowen Therapy as a search header for Yellow Page that went Australia wide.

Which Benjamin has not sat idle as he specialised in helping those needing Chronic Pain Relief Management! He has continued to study in line with the changing face of The Bowen Therapeutic Technique in Australia and have attained a Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy from the Border College Of Natural Therapies this training is now provided by Bowen Training Australia.

At 25 years in practice he was honoured by his community and given the title of Pain Specialist, and he set up the first Bowen Therapy online Info Hub on Setter’s Health Centre Website.

Today the advice given by Benjamin Setter Pain Specialist, with an unequalled 30 years practice, 40 000 individual treatments, High Distinctions in Anatomy & Physiology, and the ability to direct treatment plans for successful pain relief with a focused use of Bowen Therapy. His thousand’s of client know that he will take the time, and save you time living in pain. So this is worth the financial investment to access his invaluable knowledge & skill set.

For more information Phone 07 47 2888 00 or contact us today about a session tailored specifically for you.

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Setter’s Health Centre Townsville has helped clients for over 30+ years and offers a relaxed and professional environment for Bowen Therapy treatment. We are located Unit 3/55 Anne Street, Aitkenvale, Townsville, QLD, 4814.. And have on-site car parking with direct ground level access to our clinic.

For more information on the benefits of Bowen Therapy, Phone 07 4728 8800 or contact us today about a session tailored specifically for you. No Referral Necessary!



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