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This image is a practical demonstration of Bowen Therapy’s “Upper Body Technique”.

What makes Bowen Therapy distinctive from all other modalities is the practical technique of the Bowen Move.

Okay, you’ve seen the picture, so let’s consider what constitutes a Bowen Therapy move.

1. The skin slack

‘Skin slack’ is the skin that works for and against a Bowen Therapist when we use the Bowen Technique. In order to get at a particular muscle and move over it we need to move the skin away – then use the skin slack to ride over the tendon or muscle.

2. The pressure used to move the skin slack, and to make the move itself

I have found over the years that Bowen Practitioners fall into two camps on pressure.

1. A firm and heavy pressure that can bring on discomfort but results.
2. A very light touch that in turn is also very effective in results.
In the end, what all Bowen Therapists strive for is the client being aware of the pressure applied – but without feeling pain. The key to Bowen Therapy is that the technique is very gentle to the body.

3. The move itself

The Bowen Move is a balance between the amount of pressure and the stretching out of the skin slack. The move itself is a graceful roll over the individual muscle, tendon or ligament we are working on.

4. The system of brakes (or time) between Bowen Technique moves

Another particular feature of Bowen Therapy is apart from doing very little hands-on physical work – in between these sets of moves the therapist leaves the room for a short period of time. These breaks can be initially a very confronting exercise, both for the client, who may be expecting constant contact, and the therapist who has trained in other therapies that maintain contact with the client’s body at all times. The thing is, the Bowen Therapist leaving the client for these pauses between moves is essential. Because after the therapist leaves the room, the client’s body responds to the previous Bowen Moves. It’s all part of bringing the client’s body back into balance!

“Small moves that make big differences”

Benjamin Setter
Senior Bowen Therapist, Australia

Phone: 0747288 800

Home to Bowen Therapy in Townsville… Setter’s Health Centre.

“I believe that everyone should have a pain free future!” Benjamin Setter Pain Specialist

Bowen Therapy In Townsville began at Setter’s Health Centre 30 Years Ago. With Benjamin Setter opening the first Bowen Therapy Clinic in Townsville’s history. Today Benjamin Setter Pain Specialist with an unequaled 30+ years practice, 40 000 individual treatments, and the ability to direct treatment plans for successful pain relief with a focused use of Bowen Therapy… His thousand’s of client’s know that he will take the time, and save you time living in pain. So this is worth the financial investment to access his invaluable knowledge & skill set.

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