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08 Feb

Asthma Relief With Setter’s Pain Relief

This is the time to consider an appointment with Setter’s Pain Relief who have been offering a safe preventative measure for asthma sufferers for 30+ years. Asthma relief can occur with Benjamin Setter uses the Gentle Healing Technique, Bowen Therapeutic Technique (Bowen Therapy). Which is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that encourages the body to right itself. This technique involves a gentle roll over the muscle. By using a set system of these small moves from the base of the neck to the tips of the toes, with small waits of 2 minutes or more between sets of moves, the Bowen Therapist stimulates the body’s innate healing system to realign and re-balance and ease the effects of asthma.

(Please Note: That under no circumstances even when well, does a client with asthma throw away their medication.)

Bowen Therapy 5 Star Review For Asthma Relief By Benjamin Setter Pain Specialist
Benjamin Setter Pain Specialist performing Bowen Therapy on my children has alleviated their Asthma. Parent Chris

“Even after I have worked on thousands of Asthmatics over the years. The first time I trusted my skill to bring an asthmatic attack to a successful alleviation is still for me my finest hour!” Benjamin Setter Pain Specialist. Senior Bowen Therapy Practitioner, Australia.

Today the advice given by Benjamin Setter Pain Specialist, with an unequalled 30 years practice, 40 000 individual treatments, High Distinctions in Anatomy & Physiology, and the ability to direct treatment plans for success with Asthma Relief with a focused use of Bowen Therapy. His thousand’s of client know that he will take the time, and save you time living in pain. So this is worth the financial investment to access his invaluable knowledge & skill set.

For more information Phone 07 47 2888 00 or contact us today about a session tailored specifically for you.

Our Clinic Address is Unit 3/55 Anne Street, Aitkenvale, Townsville, QLD, 4814. CHECK OUT OUR 5 STAR GOOGLE REVIEWS!


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