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30 Jul

The July Setting the Path is out…did you subscribe?

Welcome to the July edition of Setting the Path. This month we’re going to sip on a nice cup of warm cocoa and stir the cream into the pumpkin soup…baby, it’s cold outside.

The cold…it arrives every winter, whether you’re in the tropics or in the Antarctic. The big question is…what does the cold do to us? Does it make us comfort eat to stay warm? Does it contribute to that extra winter padding? Does it make us ache? And does it make us sick? So let’s slip on the comfy slippers and pull up the doonah, there’s going to be all this and much, much more in this month’s Setting the Path e-magazine proudly brought to you by Setter’s Health Centre.


‘Setting the Path’ Monthly E – Magazine


We are very proud of our Flagship the “Setting the Path” E-Magazine. This initiative is helmed by our Content Editor, Arthur Shale, a twenty year media veteran, who will be navigating us through the rough seas of Alternative Medicine-Health for our clients in Townsville and surrounds. To learn more go to Arthur Shale Author/Editor

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IN THIS COMING MONTHS ISSUE – Massage…what’s in it for you?

The July Setting the Path is out…did you subscribe?

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