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12 Feb

Bowen Therapy and Asthma



Even after working on thousands of Asthmatics over the years, the first time I trusted Ossie and Elanie Rentsch’s Bowen Technique to do its job is still for me my finest hour.

The year was 1991 and I had just completed my diploma of Bowen Therapeutic Technique. It was a Sunday evening and I received a phone call from an existing client and his wife. Mr J had phoned me in desperation as their daughter had become extremely short of breath.

My first question to Mr J was had he wrung for an ambulance or was he taking his daughter to the hospital himself? Mr J replied they had wrung the ambulance. Mr J then said, “Look Benjamin you told me last week in conversation that this Bowen Technique thing can help with asthma. So as you live just around the corner could I ask you to come here and work on my daughter please?”

My answer, “I am on my way!”

A couple minutes later I was in their living room and there was Miss K on her mother’s lap in the lounge. Miss K resembled a little Zombie!! Miss K’s complexion was pasty and her lips were tinged blue. And she was shallow breathing at an alarmingly rate.

I had perfect access to her back and proceeded to shakily perform moves 1 to 4 of Page 2 of the original Bowen Technique manual 1991. Or as it is now, moves 1 to 4 of Respiratory of the Bowtech Manual 2007.  With no wait time between moves I then asked Mrs J to turn her daughter to face me, and I proceeded to do the moves 6,7,8 of Asthma and Colic – page 6 original Bowen Technique manual- procedure in a sitting postion. Or see Respiratory Procedure Bowtech manual 1 and 2, moves 3 and 4.

The next 2 minutes passed very slowly. Then it happened her breathing eased slightly!

The ambulance arrived!

At this time I leaned forward and hit the lat’s above the knee’s. Find under original Bowen Technique Manual Page 1 end move. Or Bowtech manual modules 2007, Move 11 Lower back procedure.

I stepped well back as the ambulance officers came in. As they commenced assessment I watched colour return to the child’s face and she relaxed noticeably against her mother. As they prepared to leave for the hospital Miss K’s breathing had eased and she commenced talking to her parents. I walked home that night with a smile from ear to ear!

As I do not underestimate Asthma’s ability to end peoples lives of any age group. I was glad they were still taking the child to hospital.

Now that was me at 19 years of age. Now at 41, I say that Bowen Therapy saves lives!

Bowen Therapeutic Technique Asthma Procedure has the ability to be taught to all. Every Parent, Paramedic, or Teacher in school playgrounds could learn this and dramatically affect the outcome of peoples lives.

Bowen Therapy is a preventative measure and is why we recommend to Asthmatic client’s to have a Bowen Treatment every 12 weeks. This is to make sure the Respiratory System is in balance. Here at Setter’s Heatlh Centre we have an open door policy for asthmatics and they do just walk through the door. Do not lay the client down! I work on them in an upright position.

Finally under no circumstances should a client with Asthma throw away their steroid based medications. Just replace it when the use by date expires! Remember Asthma is a Killer!!

Benjamin Setter.


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Bowen Therapy and Asthma

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