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14 Jan

Alternative Medicine Townsville – Let us discuss Gratitude



With a smile of Gratitude… Here is HOW To Cultivate Happiness – Part 12: Let us discuss Gratitude!!

The Wonders of Gratitude!

Simply informing a person to develop mental Gratitude is not as simple as watching the waves roll in on the beaches of Townsville.. But given time this can become an important mental tool in the fight to stay happy… You know the old question, Are you the glass half full or half empty kinda person? If you are the glass that appreciates being half full instead of half empty you know what it means to have Gratitude. If you are the glass that finds no joy in being half full then read on…

Well let’s start at counting you blessings daily… All of them… Which is as simple as enjoying that first deep breath and yawn first thing in the morning. To enjoying the first taste of Tea or Coffee at the breakfast table. Even though you may think that these things are trivial and not worth your time… They are essential mental building skills for greater success. This can translate in your ability to appriciate the larger things starting with your home (However Humble) Your work no matter what others may think of your work performance it is a true treasure trove to be grateful for in this world where economics are everything.

Finally I left the best to last… Your Family and Friends… Take the time to tell them that you are happy and grateful that they are in your life

Benjamin Setter

Alternative Medicine Townsville Specialist 23 years.

Alternative Medicine Townsville – Let us discuss Gratitude

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