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03 Aug

What Is Bowen Therapy? Setter’s H. C. Townsville

So you may have been been told by a friend to check out Bowen Therapy. But your friend was struggling to explain – What is Bowen Therapy? & What this amazing modality can do for you?

What is Bowen Therapy? The Gentle Healing Technique Bowen Therapeutic Technique (Bowen Therapy) is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that encourages the body to right itself. This technique involves a gentle roll over the muscle. By using a set system of these small moves from the base of the neck to the tips of the toes, the therapist stimulates the body’s innate healing system to realign and re-balance.

What can Bowen therapy do for you? Bowen Therapeutic Technique (Bowen Therapy) is completely safe for the newborn baby to the frail and elderly. It is gentle, fast and an effective way to treat health concerns from sporting injuries to pain, stress and discomfort. Bowen Therapy stimulates the patient’s musculoskeletal system into realigning itself.

The beauty of Bowen Therapy is that it will not interfere and works well with all medication and/or dietary supplements and is gentle but powerful. A treatment takes about one hour… Bowen Therapy is unique in its ability to not combine with other therapies.

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What Are The Origins OF Bowen Therapy

From humble beginnings… With the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, the original source material is from Bowtech, the original Bowen Technique was established by Oswald and Elaine Rentsch in 1987. This technique has been taught in a variety of settings, however, is now delivered in a Certificate IV and Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy taught by Bowen Training Australia.

The Bowen Association of Australia (BAA) is an association of Bowen Therapeutic Technique practitioners which assists in facilitating professional indemnity insurance, maintaining the highest professional standards of conduct and practice, assisting with continuing education, and facilitating liaison with health care providers such as insurers to assist with provider numbers.

Now you know what Governs Bowen Therapy.
To contact us about an authentic Bowen Therapy session tailored specifically for you.
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F.A.Q. About What Is Bowen Therapy? With Benjamin Setter Bowen Therapy Specialist

Q. How come the Bowen Therapy stopped after I had a massage within hours of the treatment? A. Because Bowen Technique is unique in its ability to not combine with other therapies.

Q. Is Bowen Therapy named after the Town of Bowen QLD? A. No, Tom Bowen’s Technique Modality was named in his honour ‘Bowen Therapy‘ years after his death in 1982.

Q. Did Tom Bowen combined his technique? A. Tom Bowen never used his Technique in combination with any other modality because it was clear that the work became less effective or ceased to function at all… Do not waste your money!

Q. Did Tom Bowen train anyone in Townsville? A. Tom Bowen trained only ‘six men’ in his modality. Mr Ossie Rentsch the founder of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (Bowtech) is one of these six. Sadly, at this time none of these men reside in Townsville Australia.

Q. Why do you not use a Physiotherapy tens machine, or Chiropractic bone cracking with Bowen Therapy? A. Bowen Therapy is a technique unto itself, it requires no tens machine and has know thrust manipulation.

Q. What is Bowen Therapy? A. Short Version… Bowen Therapy is a set system of moves, that instruct the body to heal for itself.

Q. How long between Bowen Therapy Treatments? A. Bowen Therapy treatments are generally once every four to seven days, depending on the seriousness of the problem.

Q. Does Bowen Therapy go by other names? A. Bowen Therapy’s full name is Bowen Therapeutic Technique. Over the years it has been shortened to Bowen Therapy.

Q. What is the age group that use Bowen Therapy? A. Everyone no matter the age is better with Tom Bowen’s Therapy in it’s original form.

Q. Why should you train as a Bowen Therapist? A. Help your family, friends and community with pain relief… It is the best Profession in the world!

Until Next,

Benjamin Setter | Bowen Therapy Specialist

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