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07 Feb

Stress Management In Townsville After Flood 2019

Helpful Free Hints On How To Survive Post Flood Trauma!

You have almost certainly taken notice over the years, of one of those annoying old school sayings about positively accepting disaster in your life… “That which does not kill you makes you stronger! But the steps to surviving are not explained in a great one-liner… So we are going to explore the steps to surviving the trauma of this flooding disaster!”
I am the 3rd Generation of the Setter family who are blessed to be born in Townsville… When I say to you I have never seen anything like this flood… No one, especially me, likes to experience anxiety for the safety of my family and friends. The fear for the potential loss of life and the reality of the shear loss of homes and valuables… So where do you start?

By staying healthy with Vitamin B Complex for Stress!

Vitamin B Complex for Stress!

It’s stress time, the bills are coming in, work wants 25-hour days and the kids absolutely need the 64-gig 4G Ipad instead of the 16-gig cheapy with wi-fi. Feeling your hair turning grey yet? Well, it’s not just the follicles that suffer when the pressure is on. And while you’re burning the midnight oil, you’re burning your minerals and vitamins too…particularly the ones that could help you stay calm.

So let’s look at one of our little helpers and what they can do for you – Vitamin B.

The B-group consists of eight different vitamins the body needs in small doses, but all are vital for your metabolic processes such as energy production, red blood cell synthesis, nerve function and brain processes. When your body has had a stress response, the adrenalin and cortisol it produces burns up the various Vitamin B-s in your bloodstream and leaves you with nothing to spare when the adrenalin goes away.
Most B-s cannot be stored by the body as they are water soluble, which means you’ve got to keep ingesting them regularly as part of a nutritious and well balanced diet. They can also be easily destroyed through food processing, mixing with alcohol and extended cooking.
Good sources of Vitamin B-s include wholemeal cereal grains, sesame seeds, legumes, wheatgerm, nuts, yeast, pork, milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, egg, leafy green vegetables, liver, kidney, fish, poultry, red meats, mushrooms, cauliflower and citrus fruits.

Symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency

Symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency can include irritability, decreased coordination, lethargy, fatigue, muscle weakness, anxiety, intestinal upset and muscle pain. If you have concerns that you may have a vitamin deficiency you should have them diagnosed by a doctor. Vitamin supplements can be taken as a supplement for a balanced diet and should only be taken as directed by the manufacturer on the side of the bottle or by dieticians or accredited natural therapists.

Our community is in for a very difficult time ahead. We need to be kind to ourselves, as we are kind to each other.
Please consider what measures you will need to take to do this.

Benjamin Setter
Senior Bowen Therapy Practitioner, Townsville Australia
Setter’s Health Centre EST 1991

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Stress Management In Townsville After Flood 2019

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