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10 Feb

Making it to Tuesday



There are any number of strategies to beat the Monday morning blues, whether we remember them when the alarm is buzzing at 6.00am and Saturday seems so far away is another thing. Not wanting to go to work is widespread phenomenon – all it takes is a co-worker or supervisor who rubs you the wrong way, an ever increasing workload, a corporate headquarters unsympathetic to your workplace’s reality – they can all stack up. Not wanting to deal with something is a perfectly normal human response – the old ‘ignore it and it will go away’ principle. Trouble is, this is the mindset that will keep you in bed Monday morning.

So how can we escape the cycle of work gloom?

Clinical pyschologist, Dr Timothy Sharp, writing for ‘depressioNet’ has outlined a number of ways to beat Mondayitis, and first and foremost, is to try and be positive. Expecting the worst on Monday morning will make getting out of bed all the harder. Okay, but what will make a Monday morning positive? Well, what’s a Monday morning routine at work that is rarely repeated any other day of the week? At workplaces around the world, millions spend Monday morning talking about their weekends. Usually it involves something enjoyable and non-work related, with everyone getting to live vicariously through each other’s experiences. Monday mornings at work can actually be fun if you did something on the weekend. And this is one of Dr Sharp’s favourite ways of beating Mondayitis – go out and do something on your weekends so you have something to talk about on Mondays…who knows, you might wake up Monday morning bursting to tell your work friends about it.

Another option is to mentally divide your work week up into individual days. The first day back at work can be weighed down with a week’s worth of expectations. But you really don’t need to worry about Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on Monday, so try and go to work on Monday thinking just about Monday.

A big problem for Monday can be the next weekend is just soooooooooo far away. Craving for that Saturday activity you enjoy so much? Well, why not organise something for mid-week. There’s no rule saying you can’t go out and play Wednesday night – so if you can, why not. Wednesday will arrive a lot sooner than Saturday.

And then this leads into a big ticket item for revving up you positive attitude. The more active you are, the happier you will be. Don’t just fall into things on the weekend or during the week – organise activities for yourself. Sports, hobbies, trips…whatever – but have something planned so you can look forward to it. The days always go much faster when you’re counting down to something…even Mondays.


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Making it to Tuesday

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