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29 May

Lower Back Pain Relief With Bowen Therapy At Setter’s H. C. Townsville

Lower back pain is very common in our community – eight out of ten Australians will experience lower back pain in their lives. And to think that lower pain will stay isolated from the rest of the body is wishful thinking at best. Why? Because the referred pain nerves – Dermatomes – will soon elevate the problem, sending pain running down legs via the sciatic nerve channel. A reaction most know as sciatica. This dreadful pain radiates down through the buttock all the way to the ankle. A person’s lifestyle can also contribute to further complications; weight, sporting injuries, work place ergonomics and bad posture can all be contributors.

And it’s important for clients of Setter’s Health Centre who present with lower back pain to understand they may not necessarily have a serious bulging disc, arthritis, or other forms of spinal disfunction. Their lower back pain may simply be the result from the lower spine and pelvic area moving out of structural balance. Still, it is important for the reader to know this information on lower back pain is not an “assessment”. To discover the cause of your structural imbalance and a treatment plan tailored make that appointment so we can offer you the best Bowen Therapy care.

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