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14 Feb

Highest Recommendation From Olive Morris For Setter’s Health Centre Bowen Therapy Pain Relief Townsville


To whom it may concern,

BEN SETTER – the young fellow I first met at a Bowen Therapy Course in Cairns 1994 – I was doing my initial course and Ben was continuing to expand his knowledge. It was obvious then that the candle had been lit for Ben’s love and belief in Bowen Therapy. He still, today, has that same enthusiasm. Everybody at the course wanted to be in Ben’s group and I happened to be one of the lucky ones.
We continued to get together at many more BT courses and his help and guidance were readily forthcoming, and much appreciated.
The years rolled by and, even though I had kept myself active, found I had a pain I couldn’t shift. Due to personal reasons, I had given up working with Bowen Therapy. My experiences as a therapist over the time were quite extra-ordinary. The results achieved and the easing of pain, were almost unbelievable.
My thoughts, amidst all the pain, went to my friend, Ben. I prayed that he was still working with Bowen Therapy. To my great relief, I found him in Townsville – Jan 2020. He didn’t hesitate to treat me and he made that wonderful contact and the old friendship rekindled.
It has not been an easy road back to come sort of normality for me, Ben encouraged me all the way. I spent many hours driving to and from Townsville, stopping every 30 minutes to get out of the car and walk for a short time. My gratitude is very profound to Ben and I can now play tennis, exercise, play bowls, etc and do all these things without pain.

Thank God for Ben and Bowen Therapy.

Olive. L. Morris
Bowen Therapist
Charters Towers Queensland Australia.

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