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29 Jan

Dealing with Stress In Townsville



It’s everywhere. There’s no denying it. Even if we were living in the morning sun of Shangri La growing lentils, we’d probably still be stressing over these said legumes not reaching supermarket grade quality. In the twenty-first century we’ve got very good at making stress out of even the most ordinary situations. One hundred years ago child rearing was just one of those things that happened during life – now it’s spawned whole new industries to keep sleep-deprived frazzled parents convinced there is something they haven’t done or something they haven’t bought. And what about driving to work? You think hitching the gig to the pony was any easier? Yet we never heard of pony rage, did we? It’s like our entire existence, from the moment we can’t get to sleep until the moment we try again the next night is just one big crazy room of monkeys…arggggghhhhhh.

Right. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, what are we going to do about it? Can we step out of this crazy monkey room? Well, I guess we can answer that question a number of ways. Firstly, we can always get off the rollercoaster – it might mean selling the house in the suburbs and moving into a tent somewhere, but if you’re desperate enough to stop going around in circles, maybe, just maybe that could work. It’s extreme, and when all said and done, living in a tent somewhere is not going to suit the average family. So how about finding something that doesn’t mean giving up airconditioning and luxuries like hot water and a shower?

This might mean time-management. If you can find time to take the kids to soccer-ballet-band-maths-debating-juggling practice, then you should think about scheduling in a few minutes of ‘me time’. And that could mean anything – from catching up on the five hours of MKR or Revenge  you’ve got on the PVR to booking in that massage (and going to it) you’ve been meaning to have. Maybe there’s time in the day you’re not using (hard to believe). Across the country you will find early morning yoga and tai chi classes being conducted in parks and on beachfronts. Don’t have time to go to a park or beachfront? Then you’ve still got a living room – that’s if you haven’t already moved into your tent.

And then there’s exercise. Don’t underestimate the power of a half hour walk or taking the dog around the block. Hard or easy exercise burns that pent up energy you’d be otherwise saving for a fellow road-user or shopper, so think about it, don’t yell, take a hike.

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Dealing with Stress In Townsville

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