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13 Dec

Benjamin is the most senior Bowen Therapy Practitioner in Townsville.

Some of the automatic benefits enjoyed by our clients at Setter’s Health Centre.

Seniority: Benjamin is the most senior Bowen Therapy Practitioner in Townsville. As such he has seen a wide variety of clients and many varied situations that it is second nature for him to advise you on possibilities and outcomes that less experienced health practitioner’s have not been exposed to.

Terms: When you are a member of the exclusive client list of Setter’s Health Centre you benefit from the terms of that relationship in the following ways:

Time: The extra Time we spend deeply considering your matter and the time we save just for you.

Emotion: Emotion we put in to looking after you and the emotion we save you.

Resolve: Determined Resolve to address your health issues, now and into the future.

Money: The money we save you for years to come.

Situation: our seniority and experience and the importance of you and your family that we incorporate into all plans for your recovery.

Individuality & Quality: We are not a sausage factory and your health is not on a production line. We give lengthy consideration to all aspects and personalise a course of action for you. Because you are paying Professional fees we believe you deserve to have a Specialist do your work and not a Junior Practitioner. We are careful to ensure that you are only charged appropriately and not for any unnecessary work. Having said that, you would not expect to find a Holden Price at an Audi dealership but in the words of Frederick Henry Royce, one of the founders of Rolls-Royce, “The quality remains long after the price is forgotten.”

Lifetime Relationship: For 27 years Setter’s Health Centre has acted as a boutique practice with a unique window into our clients lives. We remain an important health bowstring from generation to generation and yet we continue to offer room for new clients.

Setter’s Health Centre – Setting The Path To Better Health Since 1991

Benjamin is the most senior Bowen Therapy Practitioner in Townsville.

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