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06 Jan

Upper Back (Thoracic T1 to T12) Pain


Our backs have been with us for a long time…and not surprisingly sore low backs just as long. If your Upper back is hurting, first of all, make yourself more comfortable. Take a long cushion with you, particularly in the car or at work. If you’re sitting for long periods, stand up and walk around as often as you can. Don’t have a cushion? Try a rolled up towel, also consider supporting your forearms and elbows on a chair fitted with arm supports.

How can Bowen Therapy assist with Upper back pain relief?

Upper Back (Thoracic vertebrae T1 to T12) Pain – nothing is more debilitating for a person, or more challenging to live with as upper back pain. One of the major issues faced with upper back pain is how it can effect your daily life. Right down to leaning forward over the sink to pick up your tooth brush to clean your teeth. At Setters Health Centre Townsville, your Bowen Therapy Specialist will move to identify where in the spine the pain originates and then work with your injuries to rebalance the area. By doing so Bowen Therapy not only will move to ease the pain, but strive to bring your body back into balance with a pain free living environment.

Less pain then equals more movement and better quality of life.

Benjamin Setter | Bowen Therapy Pain Relief Specialist.
Setter’s Health Centre Townsville | Setting The Path To Better Health

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For 24 years our Specialists at Setter’s Health Centre have offered successful pain relief with Bowen Therapy in Townsville QLD Australia

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