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04 Sep

Bowen Therapy Q&A – Benjamin Setter Bowen Therapy Specialist

“I have been asked some interesting questions this week by my clients. So I thought I would share a few of them with you… Enjoy The Read” Benjamin Setter

Q. Can a person still be treated with Bowen Therapy if they cannot lie prone? (Face Down)iStock_000018321379Small

 A. Bowen Therapy can be done just as successfully in a chair as it can on a bed or table. If the client is unable to lie prone, we work with the client to achieve the most comfortable position for them that still allows the Therapist access to muscles.

Q. What if a client only has 24 hours in the city before heading west – which makes a follow-up treatment 4 to 7 day later impossible?Image-22

A. In this scenario I work by the adage, “Something is better then nothing!” Depending on the severity of the clients injuries I would treat the client holistically and move to balance Lower Back, Upper Back and Neck – followed by Hamstring procedure to make sure circulation was good to the feet. And then the arms for the good old Tennis Elbow. Throughout the treatment I would be strongly emphasising the Gold Rules and drinking those eight glasses of water each day. It would be better if a return treatment was carried out, but sometimes things are beyond the control of everybody.

Q. Are tea and coffee the same as water? iStock_000011478463Small

A. No. The human body needs to have eight glasses of water a day to maintain a good health. Water to this day is still one of the most powerful tools for healing.


Q. My son is 14 months old and has not slept a night for seven months – can Bowen Therapy help my child sleep and save my sanity?iStock_000021266672Small

A. Yes. Bowen Therapy is safe to use for children of all ages. A child’s body is growing rapidly and those growing muscles and bones do cause ‘growing pains’. Bowen Therapy can relieve pain in children, just as it does in adults. It also allows the body to return to a state of rest…which means sleeping at night.

Q. Can Bowen Therapy help relieve the symptoms of Wry Neck?

Bowen Therapy for Chronic Back Pain.

A. If you’ve woken up in the morning with a stiff or painful neck, and with your head often stuck on a lean…then that’s wry neck. Left unattended this painful locking of the vertebrae caused by poor pillow posture and muscle tension can take several days to undo itself, but with Bowen Therapy a wry neck is very swiftly resolved. With the gentlest of Bowen work the neck very quickly relaxes, stopping the pain and returning a full range of neck movement.

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