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25 Jan

Recharge Your Batteries For The New Year 2





Type 1: The Roaming Holiday…where you roam around the globe in less than 28 days. Now funnily enough, I realise that this is very cool to do. But does it recharge your batteries for the coming year? When next planning your roaming holiday, consider coming home a few days earlier, to give your body time to recover from the long distance commute. As all to often, you decide that it is a good idea to get the most out of your holiday and return the night before commencing work the morning after. You then discover that your body is more exhausted than when you left on your holdiay which leaves you with little resilence to face the coming year.

Fact: Tom Bowen trained only a handful of people in his Technique before he died. Sadly none of these people have chosen to live in North Queensland yet!

Recharge Your Batteries For The New Year 2

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