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13 Nov

Massage Therapy Townsville: The Theories Behind It’s Success!

Massage Therapy Townsville… The various theories behind it’s success! by Benjamin SetterBenjamin Press Newmassage

The theory There are various theories behind how massage works. Some research suggests nociceptive pain – a common cause for chronic pain – can be physically blocked by more active remedial massages. Another, and no doubt more closely related to the act of relaxation, is the release of endorphins and serotonin – our happy hormones. Now this could be the result of the actual massage procedures, or it could be something far deeper – our innate need for the human touch. Now Touch Theory – now often called Hug Theory – has been written about almost as long as massage therapy – and the sensation of nurturing or joy felt by one person’s contact with another could help explain how some low impact or light touch massages can produce similar muscle reactions and relaxation to the more vigorous remedial type massages.

But then again, maybe there is an even simpler answer to the how massage relaxes us. Quite simply, in this hectic schedule we now call life, we rarely take a moment to step from the maelstrom and stop. Meals get eaten at the desk or on the commute, sleep gets snatched between text messages, phone calls. checking your social media statuses late at night and the early morning. The opportunities for completely switching off in our own time are becoming increasingly rare. Enter massage. Whether it’s Swedish, Sports or Stone, the massage room means an enforced hour or more separated from the rush of life outside. For many people these days, massage, no matter what the style or technique, may actually be a their only opportunity to sit still, relax and go blank.

Benjamin Setter

Bowen Therapy Specialist – Instructor In Training

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Massage Therapy Townsville: The Theories Behind It’s Success!

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