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20 Nov

Look after your Plantar Fascia or foot the bill $ by Benjamin Setter Bowen Therapy Specialist

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The plantar fascia is the connective tissue that runs from the heel to the ball of the foot.  It helps to maintain the arch of the foot and is also one of the major ways to transfer weight across the foot as you either run or walk.

Pain through the foot may lead to a diagnosis by a Doctor is called Plantar fasciitis which is an inflammation of the area of the foot where tissue tightens and begins to pull it from its attachment at the heel.  This often results with bone spurs or calcification which begins to form at the spot where the fascia is being strained.

Symptoms of Plantar fasciitis are usually limited to the heel though sometimes involve the ball of the foot.

Plantar fasciitis symptoms are generally worse first thing in the morning when you get out of bed.  Your first steps after waking can feel as if you are walking on splintered glass.  This is due to that over night the plantar fascia tightens and pulls the toes towards the heel. As you begin to walk around first thing in the morning the plantar fascia usually relaxes and the pain drops but often returns with standing for long periods or walking a distance.

One option for relief of an advanced case of plantar fasciitis is Bowen Therapy which offers pain relief. From the moment of diagnosis, Bowen Therapy’s ankle procedure, Hammer Toe procedure, Bunion procedure begins reducing pain and swelling of the plantar fascia. Bowen Therapy is a set system of small moves, the technique is a gentle, fast and effective way to treat muscle and connective tissue disorders. The Bowen Therapy client can, within weeks, enjoy activity, if not sport, and walk without pain. In some Bowen Therapy clients, Plantar fasciitis symptoms have been known to cease altogether in nine months instead of years by conventional means.

There are many causes attributed to plantar fasciitis — too much activity, arthritis, diabetes, poor shoes, and others. We must also take into account a persons potential poor posture and gait as the main contributing factor for this troubling injury.

Benjamin Setter
Bowen Therapy Specialist

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