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11 May

Exhaust All Other Options Before You Use Steroid Injections On Teenage Sports Stars!






On a very serious note,

It is still hard after all these years, to find out that some ‘Coaches’ of young sports people aged ’17 years and younger in my community. Are still recommending steroid injections for acute muscular injuries. Acute meaning short term! Without first exhausting all other avenues of treatment, parents be aware of the following!
Steroid injections are not something to be used lightly! The American quick fix wonder drug is not at all that wondrous or quick fix.
Cortisone’s damage is extensive A syringe of cortisone can quickly silence the screaming joints of an injured athlete. But big relief now risks infirmity in the future.
Long-term misuse of the man-made steroid can do damage throughout the body, leading to torn tendons, infections, dead bones in joints and high blood pressure — often not for years.
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If you are one of these parents that have a Teen sport star with an injury that will not heal! Then please consider Bowen Therapy as a very powerful bow string to keeping your son or daughter on the sporting field or court. Bowen Therapy for sporting injuries is remarkable in rebalancing muscle and ending muscular impairment.
Guaranteed the steroids injections will always be there as a back up plan for more serious injuries.
Parents I ask you to consider wisely, because once you start using steroid injections, very rarely does it stop at just one.

Until next time,

Benjamin Setter.
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Celebrating 21years Of Professional Practice Using Bowen Therapy.
An Alternative Medicine/Health Practitioner: Trained In Massage Therapy Since 1991.
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Columnist for the Sun Newspaper.
Exhaust All Other Options Before You Use Steroid Injections On Teenage Sports Stars!

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