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15 Nov

Bowen Therapy Townsville Testimonial



I had my first Bowen Therapy experience with Benjamin Setter over 12 years ago.

I have always been very active, playing sport including squash, running and doing Yoga. About this time I was experiencing some joint discomfort and a sore back and went to a chiropractor. After regular sessions for about 12 months I was getting worse and had difficulty walking up and down stairs. Then someone suggested I try Bowen Therapy.

When Benjamin explained the process I was very sceptical about how something so seemingly simple could work – but it did!

It took about 4 sessions to get my body back to something like my old self and allow me to resume my normal life without discomfort. Since then I have recommended Setters and Bowen therapy to many friends, family and work colleagues suffering everything from sore necks and backs, headaches and sore knees and have had many return visits myself. 10 years later one of my friends is still having a regular Bowen treatment to allow her to cope with a long standing chronic back condition.

I still don’t understand how Benjamin works his magic, but after having done Yoga for over 30 years I strongly believe in body balance and the natural ability of the body to heal itself. Ben’s “golden rules” and warm up exercises have become part of my daily life.

I highly recommend Benjamin and his team to anyone looking for a long term, non invasive therapy to provide relief from pain, prevent injury and restore energy and good health.

Cheryl Hobson


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Bowen Therapy Townsville Testimonial

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