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11 Mar

Bowen Therapy Townsville Q&A with Benjamin Setter









Q.What do you do at Setter’s Health Centre? Karen MFacebookCover-Pic

A. At Setter’s Health Centre we specialise in pain relief. We are proudly celebrating 22 years of continuous practice of Bowen Therapy in Townsville, that great city in the sun.

Q.What do you aim to achieve? Garrick G


A. Our aim at Setter’s Health Centre is to focus on your goals for pain and symptom relief; how these fit into your life; and how to help you and your body achieve realistic outcomes.


Q.What is the full the full name of this Bowen treatment? Gwen W


A. We specialise in the Bowen Therapeutic Technique – usually known as Bowen Therapy – which is a versatile, low impact and dynamic way to alleviate pain.



Q. What does a Bowen Therapy treatment Involve? Bev N


A. Bowen Therapy involves small moves rolling muscles to activate nerves that will kick-start the body’s own natural healing processes. This is Bowen Therapy’s true power as it awakens the body, encouraging it to heal itself. Due to the gentle nature of these activations, Bowen Therapy is suitable for everyone regardless of age. And thanks to this, Bowen Therapy is a truly holistic approach to Alternative Medicine-Health, continuing to offer pain relief after the treatment is completed.

Q. Benjamin how long have you been practicing Bowen Therapy in Townsville? Narelle S

BenjaminPress 11-04-13 at 9.27 AM

A. At the end of November 2013, I celebrated 22 years as a Bowen Therapy Specialist operating in this sunshine city of Townsville QLD. I would humbly like to thank all of you who have walked through my door over the last 22 years, and allowed me to help you through some very trying times in your lives. I am also looking forward to helping you through future events.


Q. Where can I find more information about Bowen Therapy and Alternative Medicine information? Kevin Rlogo-login

A. For a more detailed look at Bowen Therapy please refer to our webpage and while you are there why not subscribe to our monthly email e-magazine ’Setting the Path’ for all the latest in preventative measures, Pain Relief in Townsville, Bowen Therapy bits, Alternative Medicine – Health issues in Townsville, Grandma’s remedies and so much more. Join our mailing list now.

On behalf of the staff of Setter’s Health Centre thank you for choosing us.


Benjamin Setter.BenjaminPress24-04-13 at 11.15 AM #2

Bowen Therapy Specialist.

Practice Founded 1991. Ph: 0747288800 Email:

Setter’s Health Centre 6 Fulham Road Pimlico 4812 Townsville Queensland Australia

Celebrating 22 years Of Continual Professional Practice As A Specialist In Bowen Therapy.

Natural Health Sevices Practitioner: Trained In Massage Therapy Since 1991.

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Bowen Therapy Townsville Q&A with Benjamin Setter

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