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07 Apr

Bowen Therapy and Chronic Pain

Bowen Therapy for Chronic Back Pain.

When it comes to Chronic Pain, Bowen Therapy is always on the lookout for the stimulus…that pinched nerve, a displaced vertebrae or a pelvis out of alignment. It’s pretty unusual for a pain to not have a cause, but the problem is pain does not always show up at the point of injury. Welcome to the world of Referred Pain – where a sore foot might be originating in your pelvis or lower back as could an achy knee. Think you’ve got sciatica in your leg? It could be a misaligned vertebra. Pins and needles in the hands might originate in the neck and so could headaches. With Referred Pain, nothing is always as it seems.  

So does this all sound a little strange and ephemeral? Well, a classic example of referred pain we’ve all had that can be easily explained is the ‘brain freeze’ – the painful headache you get after eating something very cold. Often feeling like you’re brain is about to explode, the pain is actually originating in the throat due to the rapid cooling and warming of your capillaries…but it never feels like throat freeze does it?

Our spine is a bit like the insides of a computer – all those ribbons of wire running from the CPU to the hard drives, USB ports, card readers and…well, you get the picture. But crimp just one of those cables? Who knows what’s not going to work. The spine is just the same. Crimp one of your own wires with a vertebra and any number of things might go wrong…and not where the wire is crimped – it’ll be the fingers, the legs, you name it. The trick with Bowen Therapy is being able to trace the symptom back to the fault. After all, the symptoms are not going to go away until that crimped wire is released.

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