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10 Sep

Benjamin Setter Q&A On Iron

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Question: What do you know about iron enriched foods? Jim C

Answer: Having been a farmer’s son it was pointed out to me from an early age that the darker the meat the more iron content – needless to say liver is still at the top of the list of honest to goodness meat. Additionally, because my father went into farming vegetables, I learnt spinach was one of the highest iron content alternatives to meat. The problem is the general population will not touch liver or spinach with a barge pole…much less than eat them together.

So let’s find an alternative. How about a piece of steak the size of your palm and as thick as

your thumb done rare to medium? Rare? Well, as my Grandmother pointed out, the more

harshly cooked the more you destroy the iron. But if you’re not going to eat liver, you’ll have to eat four times as much steak…so the choice is all up to you.

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Benjamin Setter Q&A On Iron

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