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22 Apr

Alternative Medicine Vitamin E Oil For Stretch Marks & Scars


Vitamin E penetrates through the skin and deep inside the muscle to bring out bruising faster, to help break up scar tissue, and for the ladies of my family – deal with pregnancy stretchmarks.

How to use Vitamin E oil effectively?

After a shower in the evenings sit down and smooth the oil onto the affected area – leaving on for a minimum of twenty minutes – you will find the skin takes in the oil it needs. Once the twenty minutes is up – just wipe off the excess with a towel. Try to do this daily if you can. Short term was always twelve months, so please be patient while waiting for those big results.

I should know, I’ve been hit by a car and I’ve successfully used Vitamin E oil for scars so I am it’s biggest success…it didn’t help the car though.

Benjamin Setter

Bowen Therapy Specialist


At Setter’s Health Centre We Aim To Raise Your Awareness About Bowen Therapy & Alternative Medicine.


We are aiming to bring to peoples attention preventative measures and increase your awareness of tips to help with general health and well-being. While also bringing highlighting Bowen Therapy, in an effort to inform you of all it’s uses.


What can Bowen Therapy do for me?

Bowen therapy is versatile and a dynamic remedial therapy which assists with a varied assortment of health concerns. Each treatment lasts about an hour.

Bowen Therapy is effective in treating:

asthma, sinus, hay fever

musculoskeletal pain, Frozen Shouder

sporting injuries

stress and tension


bells palsy, vertigo, ringing in the ears

chronic fatigue, ross river virus, dengue fever

circulation problems, lymphatic congestion

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Home to Setter’s Health Centre… We are celebrating 23 years of authentic Bowen Therapy service in the Townsville community.

Alternative Medicine Vitamin E Oil For Stretch Marks & Scars

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