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29 May

Alternative Medicine Townsville

We Are Aiming To Raise Your Awareness About Natural Health Services In Townsville QLD

BenjaminPress24-04-13 at 11.15 AM #2We are aiming to bring to peoples attention preventative measures, pain relief, and increase your awareness of tips to help with general health and well-being. While also highlighting Bowen Therapy, in an effort to inform you of all it’s uses in the search for pain relief in Townsville and surrounds.

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Alternative Medicine is making giant strides in Townsville. Continuing developments in Alternative Medicine education and instruction have vastly improved training and assessment for Townsville practitioners. There’s no mistaking it, Alternative Medicine is here to stay in Townsville and will be a growing part of everyone’s lives. Think health, think Alternative. Continue to our Alternative Medicine Townsville Page

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In regards to a person’s health…no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions. It’s about time they did, because I can tell you right now… I do hold them responsible!

Grandma Edith Setter.

My Grandma Setter was a hard stick, but I do miss her now she’s gone. I am grateful for the lessons that she taught me – lessons born on the back of the great depression eighty years ago. Now, I simply offer them to you. Why? Because no one else wants to talk about Alternative Medicine-Health in Townsville. So Setter’s Health Centre is going to take the lead and cover the topics of preventative health measures, injury prevention and injury management that matter to you. That’s what we’re all about, and if you can travel on the Information Super Highway, you can travel with us.

So take the step and take hold of the twists and turns your body is taking. We can help you find the healthy nutritional food you need to repair your body. We can show you some common sense old-time remedies – and how to use them. And we can suggest how you can look after your body in times of crisis or injury.

Until next

Benjamin Setter.

Bowen Therapy Specialist

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