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07 Oct

Wellbeing Is A Yearly Plan For Health by Benjamin Setter Bowen Therapy Specialist

Wellbeing Setter's 2015

Dear Friends,

You will draw up a financial plan for 2015 to rent or buy that house or unit.

You do this without question! Cost involved….$LOTS

You put your car in for a service every 10,000 km so you can get the best performance from your vehicle. And you do this without question! Cost involved? Hundreds of dollars every time!

You can go to a restaurant on Palmer St – to eat up that fantastic food and great atmosphere.

You do this just for fun, but spend $100 while you’re at it!

And yet I ask you to consider the question – “Do you have regular maintenance on your body to allow you to enjoy your success in life? If the answer is ‘NO’… Ask us about a maintenance Bowen Therapy package that suits your individual needs.

“You will strive throughout the year for success! Without good health it is all for nothing!”

Kindest Regards,

Benjamin Setter
Bowen Therapy Specialist
Setter’s Health Centre For Pain Relief In Townsville

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