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01 Oct

Wellbeing For A Great Life In Townsville by Benjamin Setter



Wellbeing Setter's 2015

Have you ever heard on the news or just in conversation the word wellbeing?
Here is the Dictionary meaning of the noun wellbeing:

the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.
an improvement in the patient’s well-being”

But to me the term means so much more, for Wellbeing is not just the absence of pain or illness. It is a complex combination of balance in a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction. What are you doing to create the balance that will give you a sense of wellbeing?

But to me the term means so much more, for Wellbeing is not just the absence of pain or illness. It is your mental, physical and social outlook that effects this ultimate holistic term.

On another note as holistic as your body is, how happy you are in life is literally the well spring of your being and so will also have a great effect on your wellbeing as a whole.

So your wellbeing could be described as how you feel about life and very importantly how you feel about yourself!

Every aspect of your life influences your state of wellbeing so here are some factors for you to consider!

Happy intimate relationship with a partner

Respectful communication from your partner

A positive group of close friends that you can trust and interact with on a socially… Not just on Facebook

To have no fear in taking a break from social media and Facebook for weeks at a time.

An enjoyable and fulfilling job that leads to a profession you like or in fact love

Enough money to keep the lights on and the Banks and the Council rates happy

Regular exercise on your own or with a good personal trainer..

A Nutrition diet that looks past fast food

Sufficient sleep for adults not just your children

A gift you give yourself is a good Spiritual or religious belief!

Fun hobbies and leisure pursuits that do not turn into money making ventures

Healthy self-esteem to look in the mirror and see what is great behind the eyes

Optimistic outlook my Mother always said if you are going to attempt a task you may as well enjoy it.

Realistic and achievable goals beyond the need to be a quick fix millionaire

A true sense of purpose and meaning in your life and community.

A sense of belonging is truly wonderful

The ability to adapt to accept change in all its forms!

So Wellbeing really is an improvement in your welfare, health and happiness!
Thanks for reading,

Benjamin Setter
Bowen Therapy Specialist

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