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03 Jul

Vitamin C Verses The Flu Virus

Essential Ingredients For A Balanced Body – Vitamin C verses the Flu Virus.

Essential Ingredients For A Balanced Body – Vitamin C

Vitamin C versus the Flu Virus.

This is one of the most debated health subjects I have ever come across.

On one hand Vitamin C is seen as a preventative measure; people continue to take a dose of Vitamin C daily to boost the immune system, in order to make it harder for Flu viruses to assault the human body. This is what my Grandma always told me to do, as she called it “a stitch in time saves nine.” In short better to have high Vitamin C than to be sick all the time.

On the other hand a daily dose of Vitamin C after a flu virus has taken hold, will in fact stop or lessen the flu virus’s nasty effects (Mucous).

Thanks to Sharine Milne for asking about what she could do to fight the flu. And for reminding me to post this blog today.

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Vitamin C Verses The Flu Virus

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