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05 Aug

Townsville Bowen Therapy – Survival of the fittest


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Feeling this whelmed thing? Maybe it’s time to take a walk. Or a run. Or grab that bicycle sitting in the garage. Exercise or plain old physical exertion are fast ways to lighten your mood and renew your motivation – providing you can find the motivation to exercise. Just five minutes of strenuous activity is a proven mood enhancer and clinical studies have clearly demonstrated the more active you are the less depressed you’re likely to be.

Now, as I have been suggesting, whelmed isn’t depression, but as a pointer towards depression, I don’t think when feeling whelmed, one should ignore those opportunities to improve your mood. If going for a walk, shovelling some dirt or mowing the lawn can make you feel a little happier, then don’t ignore the opportunity.

Building a garden or raking up leaves might be a chore, but the finished job is an accomplishment, something you’ve acheived, something that wasn’t done an hour before. Finishing something with your own sweat is sure way to beat feeling whelmed. So don’t wallow around in the endless sea, get out and do something physical. It’s an easy goal to obtain and one you can do again and again.

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