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15 Jul

Townsville Bowen Therapy – Road food, the trans fatty acid highway


I’m sure most of us have had the road food experience. What kind of long drive is it without a greasy burger, chips or fried surprise? As a treat, no one is going to deny you the experience of a roadhouse bain-marie. But a treat is a treat. For the regular road user, dining-in or takeaway is all too often the primary source of food for days on end. That’s not a treat, that’s a lifestyle choice.

So…if you are on the road a lot, you need to rethink the temptation of easy to eat fried driving food. Just becasue you’re on the highways doesn’t mean you automatically have to stop eating fruit and vegetables. Driving everyday is bad enough for the body without adding in a poor diet as well…and with a little bit of preparation eating on the road shouldn’t be any worse than eating at home.

Really? Sure, how about packing some food before you leave? Apples, bananas, grapes, even oranges and mandarines are nice and easy to eat on the move, or at least when you pull over for that hourly break. Take a sandwich with you instead of buying a Truckie Works Burger with fried everything when you’re too hungry to make a healthy decision. Travel with water in the car, don’t pull up at a roadhouse and make a large bottle of soft drink you’re hydration choice.

And if you forget to take some food with you? Well, how about stopping at one of those roadside fruit stalls that you always drive past? Getting some vitamins instead of trans fats might be the difference between you staying on the road or ending up in the doctor’s surgery.

Townsville Bowen Therapy – Road food, the trans fatty acid highway

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