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27 Jul

Townsville Bowen Therapy – Finding your backbone

The spine. A bunch of relatively small bones held together with tendons, muscles, gravity, and in many cases, a pinch of fairy dust. The line between a perfectly functioning series of vertabrae and a gaggle of uncooperative bits of skeleton is so fine that a pain-free lifestyle may well be put down to incredible luck or magic…and I’m not sure which one is more probable. The simple fact is, when you have thirty-three bones encircling the core of your nervous system while grinding against each other for several decades presents the opportunity for disaster on an almost daily basis.

So what is it about our back? The spine is a lot of things – there are seven vertebrae in the Cervical spine otherwise known as the neck. The back itself can be divided into two sections – the Thoracic spine with twelve vertabrae and the Lumbar spine or lower back, with the five largest vertabrae in the spine. Below the Lumbar is the Sacrum, which is five fused vertabrae forming a large wedge shaped block of bone to lock the spine between the hips. After that we have the Coccyx, where four small fused vertabrae maintain the final semblance of the human tail (yes, we have one).

In between all these vertabrae we have Intervertebral discs – doughnut shaped pieces of fibrous cartilage working like the rubberised-gel in our runners and cross trainers – cushioning the impact of every step we take and stopping bone rubbing on bone as we move. And running down the middle of all these discs and vertabrae is the spinal cord, a mass of nerves carrying every feeling, sensation, movement and pain from our body to our brain…in other words, a pretty important part of the body.

What could possibly go wrong?

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