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14 Jul

Townsville Bowen Therapy – Driving options

Okay, so it seems your car is out to hurt you – so what can you do?

Make sure your car seat has enough lumbar support for your lower spine. Lumbar support helps to keep the spine in its optimal curved position, which will prevent discs or vertebrae slipping. If your car seat doesn’t have adjustable lumbar support think about buying a lumbar support cushion or even using a pillow.

Tilt the car seat back slightly…this will reduce vertical forces being transferred up the spine, instead the impact will pass through the spine and into the abdominal region – where there’s always more room for ‘jiggling’.

Change your sitting position frequently. You probably do this already by squirming about as you get uncomfortable. Don’t resist the urge to squirm, the more you can keep your arms and legs moving about, the better for you circulation and joints. Cramping in the limbs is a sure sign you need to move…and more importantly to stop driving.

And take that break. Get out as often as you can, at least once an hour. And don’t get out of the car and sit straight down again. Walk around as much as you can. Buying some food? Don’t sit down to eat it, keep standing. The body isn’t meant to be curled up in a car for hours and hours – blood flow, joint movement and even your breathing all rely on physical activity – the more walking around you can squeeze into a long drive the better.

Townsville Bowen Therapy – Driving options

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