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27 Dec

There’s a Tiny Tim at every table



In A Christmas Carol, Tiny Tim is Bob Cratchit’s disabled son, unable to walk for want of the medicine his father can’t afford. And without Ebenezer Scrooge’s change of heart, things were looking pretty grim for the boy. It’s all nice and happy for him in the end, but what about all those other Tiny Tims out there? We probably know at least one. They may not need crutches to walk, but inside they may be torn in two. A lot can happen in the 365 days between each Christmas, and it’s not always good. Hardships, relationships, the passing of loved ones…the first Christmas in a changed life can be as difficult as all the days before it. Sooner or later, we all need medicine to heal the wounds. 

And that medicine doesn’t have to come out of a bottle…it can be a kind word, an invitation to a Christmas Dinner, a card, even an open ear not distracted by your online status. There are a hundred ways to share Christmas, and they don’t all have to be gift wrapped. This is a day when we can make a difference for all the Tiny Tims in our life, you’ve just got to work out who they are.

Easy to say. Some people have had a lifetime to practice hiding their pain. They say they’re fine when they’re not, they smile when they want to cry. Days blur into weeks, and then it’s Christmas again, with all the glitter and happy families leaping out from shopping centres and TVs. The happier they are meant to be, the sadder they can get. Loneliness, longing, remembering better times – these can all be very real and present when December comes around. They can be an elderly neighbour – their kids thousands of kilometres away – they could be a friend suffering the loss of a loved one, they could be a relative dealing with the end of a relationship. Whoever they are, you will know one, and while it might be easy to think someone else will look out for them this Christmas, maybe it would be easier to include them in your thoughts and actions. So make this festive season a happy one…for everybody.


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There’s a Tiny Tim at every table

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