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29 May

The May edition of Setting the Path is out – did you subscribe?

Welcome to the May edition of Setting the Path e-magazine. This month we’re going to relax, so stop multi-tasking, take a deep breath and sit down.


The world is speeding up, the cars are going faster, the news is coming harder and a few minutes to chill is starting to turn into a few seconds. But we’ve got it all wrong – in actual fact the world is slowing down, all right, by millionths of a second every decade, but it’s still slowing down…so why should we be speeding up? That’s what this month is going to be all about – it’s going to be a Mayfair and not a Mayday. So we’re going to look into relaxation exercises, what happens to your neck when you don’t relax and Old School is going to remember to breathe. All that and much, much more in this month’s Setting the Path e-magazine, brought to you by Setter’s Health Centre.

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The May edition of Setting the Path is out – did you subscribe?

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