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30 Jan

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The Sneak Peek…Life is about the marathon they say. And sure, like a marathon, we do a lot of coasting, a lot of just keeping up. The trouble is, there are times in our lives when we have to pick up the pace, when we have to sprint. It can be hard. It can be exhausting. But if the road we’re on has taken the wrong turn, then we must accept there is no other choice…we have to change direction and run hard the other way.Thanks to New Years resolutions, January is often the month we’re going to lose some weight, give up the cigarettes, search out that new career, improve your attitude and spend more time with the kids. And then comes February – when we’re still eating burgers, when we’re still lighting up, when we’re still in the same job, still grumpy and still at work when the kids are in bed. In other words…still sloughing along when we should be sprinting. What happened? We put off all those changes…that’s what happened. In other words, while we think January and the new year will be all about change, it is much, much easier to slot back into our rut and keep coasting.So what to do?Well, it is pretty simple. If you decide you’re going to change something…then don’t procrastinate, don’t put it off. Just do it. It might change your life, it might not, but you’ll never know something was the right thing to do until you try. Forget the Power Point presentations in your mind, forget the doubts. There are times when the road runs out and the bridge has gone…and when you must make that leap instead of standing at the edge.
The January Setting the Path is out – did you subscribe?

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