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03 Mar

Setting the Path’s sneak peak at Chronic Pain – stopping the pinch



Dealing with Chronic Pain and treating it is as much about making sure what kind of pain it is as offering up a solution. It’s like a car, you don’t change the oil to fix the radiator, and Chronic Pain is the same. It can be caused by nerve stimulation or nerve injuries – and the latter is known as Neuropathic pain. Just how the nerve is injured may determine if the pain can be relieved through manipulation or time. And if you have it, you’re not alone, neuropathic is quite common, eight percent of Europe’s population are known to be sufferers.

Nerves can be damaged in any number of ways, but stretching or pinching around a dislocated or broken limb is a common source. Surgery or wounding with a sharp instrument will also do damage to nerves – but a cut usually only damages a short nerve segment, while stretching will injure long segments, which will be much harder to treat. Diabetes is also a big problem for the peripheral nerves – it can starve them of blood supply or cause nerve-killing inflammation. And then there’s age – young children can recover almost normal nerve function after an injury, while those over sixty may only achieve limited sensation.

The good news is nerves – particularly those at the body’s peripheries – can repair themselves. In fact they can grow as fast as five millimetres a day in some cases. But what do they need to do this? The German Science journal Klinische Wochenschrift reports the Vitamin B group is critical to nerve regeneration. B1 (Thiamine), B6 (Pyridoxine) and B12 (Cobalamin) have shown they can enhance nerve growth and reduce the symptoms of neuropathic pain. High doses of Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils) have also shown significant pain relief in spinal injuries, with outcomes shown to be far more positive than patients not given Omega-3. A recent study by the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety has shown daily fish oil doses of up 6900mg can be taken with no ill effects.

A nerve being pinched after a dislocation or by stretched muscles or tendons is also open to being manipulated. This is obviously where Bowen Therapy can assist, but once freed, the nerve will still need the same steady diet of Omega-3 and Vitamin B to maximise it’s recovery. So think fish oil and you do actually have a reasonable chance of finding some relief – just get those nerves busy repairing themselves.


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Setting the Path’s sneak peak at Chronic Pain – stopping the pinch

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