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17 Dec

Setting the Path sneak peek – Overindulgence and the elastic waistband


If there’s one thing we do well at Christmas it is to indulge. The eyes are always bigger than the tummy at the Christmas table. But bloat and a re-run of Christmas Vacation might not be the only thing to darken our mood after the third slice of pudding and custard. As we’ve seen in previous editions of Setting the Path, what we eat can effect our moods just as easily as a pill or a cigarette. Sugar creates peaks and troughs in moods – flooded with too much glucose the brain can react with bouts of aggresive behaviour and anxiety at the top of the wave and then collapse into depressive moods or fatigue as the glucose levels fall – which explains a lot of behaviour at Christmas get-togethers. Gluten too has been found to cause depression, particularly those with an undiagnosed gluten intollerance. Together this can be a big problem for our happy mood, after all, there’s not a lot of Christmas treats out there that don’t have sugar and flour in them. But still, if you want to beat bad behaviour from children and their adults on Christmas day, having some sugar free and gluten free alternatives on the table might be a good option.

Of course food is only part of the story. The issue of too much alcohol is always there on our festive occasions. Hot days and hot beer are bad enough, but the increasing swing towards to spirit based drinks and mixes in Australia is not helping. Having a drink makes us feel good because alcohol reduces the influence of the part of the brain controlling out inhibitions. That’s why we can feel more confident and less anxious after a tipple. But keep drinking and we risk unleashing those deeper feelings of aggression, anxiety or paranoia our brain can usually keep tucked away.

Don’t be fooled into believing drinking makes you happy – alcohol is a depressant – meaning it actually reduces the serotonin levels in the brain, the hormone principally involved in making us feel good. It’s immediate effects may be pleasurable, but that bad mood you get from having a hangover isn’t just from feeling sick, you’ve actually wiped your ‘happy hormone’ out of your bloodstream and the body will take several hours to recover those levels to their pre-drinking state. So – long and short – if you want to maintain your happy state on Christmas day, by all means have a drink or two…but perhaps choose beverages with a lower alcohol content if you’re planning a long day. Pacing yourself is as much about enjoying the day as it is about staying upright.


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Setting the Path sneak peek – Overindulgence and the elastic waistband

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