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22 Mar

Setting The Path E-Magazine March 2013 Edition is now out…here’s a sneak peek


Setting the Path


Back Pain – pinpointing the problem

By Benjamin Setter

Back pain – nothing is more debilitating for a person, or more challenging to live with as back pain. One of the major issues faced with back pain is identifying where in the spine the pain originates and then working with the client’s injuries to rebalance the area. By doing so Bowen Therapists not only ease the pain, but strive to bring the client back into balance and a pain free living environment.

To begin to understand back pain it’s time to learn about the human spine. It’s always fascinating how people in general will subdivide the human back into five easy sections –


2.Upper back

3.Lower back

4.Pelvis and hips


But this is an illusion, because I have – with tongue firmly planted to cheek – asked the question, “So you have come here with lower back pain? So can I remove your lower back to work on it?” The answer is of course no.

The Lower Back is but one section of the overall spine. And so it is time to have fun with some Latin words and take a first look at the human spine as the mainstream medicine would.

The Neck…the Cervical Section, there are seven beautiful vertebra in this section that have been kindly labelled Cervical One to Seven.

The Upper Back is the Thoracic Section – this is from the base of the neck to the soft end of the soft curve of the spine. There are twelve amazing vertebra here.

The Lower Back is the mighty Lumbar section, there is generally five vertebra in this section – although I have met people with six vertebra instead.

The Pelvis and hips area is actually the Sacrum section. The sacrum sits in between the hip bones and has the ability to move.

The Tailbone is the Coccyx section – if you have ever hurt this area you realize quickly that you never want to do it again.

Now that you have met the human spine it is time to take the moment to introduce you to the fact you do not have – for example – a lower back that is out of alignment. Rather, you have a spinal alignment problem that is more like a precarious set of scales struggling to stay in balance. If the bottom (lumbar spine) of the scales goes out,  then the upper (cervical spine) will move to compensate to keep your eyes level, and vice versa.

How can Bowen Therapy help Back Pain? As a Bowen Therapy Practitioner I look at the human spine holistically and treat not just the affected section of the spine. By treating the whole spine we bring the whole spine back into balance. Rebalancing the body means rebalancing the nerves, which decreases the stimulation they receive, thereby decreasing the pain you feel.

Less pain equals more movement and better quality of life. There’s no doubt Bowen Therapy can be a truly holistic approach to a back pain.


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Setting The Path E-Magazine March 2013 Edition is now out…here’s a sneak peek

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