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23 Sep

Setter’s Health Centre Townsville For Your Children’s Health


Kids will be kids, right? If there’s not one thing, well, there could be another, and just like those who aren’t feeling quite so young any more, Setter’s Health Centre Townsville offers help to many childhood dilemmas.
Because Bowen Therapy is truly holistic and moves to balance the entire human body…no matter how old it is. All those issues that go along with growing pains, such as skeletal and muscular development can be helped, as can those more embarrassing and less comfortable chestnuts of bedwetting and irritable bowel.

Having trouble with their breathing?

Bowen Therapy can treat lower and upper and respiratory complaints, including asthma and bronchitis. And just because they’re giving you a headache, that doesn’t mean the kids don’t get them too – sinus, migraines and tension headaches can all be relieved by a little Bowen intervention. Even better, Bowen Therapy can go a long way in resolving their causes – something a dose of children’s panadol will never do.

For Pain Relief in Townsville contact Setter’s Health Centre.

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