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21 Oct

Setter’s Health Centre presents Sharine Milne and her successful strategy for fighting stress!

Front-SignFriends, some time ago I asked Sharine Milne for her perspective on a relaxing hobby. You see Sharine is the only female motor bike mechanic that I have ever met. Not only that, Sharine owns a successful awarding winning motor bike repair and service business. Her business is R.H.D Classic & Service here in Townsville. I really didn’t understand how anyone could look at a motor bike as a hobby or relaxing to ride.

So here is Sharine’s answer to my question, as she gives us a different perspective on a motor bike as hobby and a successful way to fight stress.

Benjamin Setter

Bowen Therapy Specialist.


Hello my name is Spanner Sharine Milne


Let me introduce myself.. I am a Single mother of a teenage daughter that has currently been overseas twice and soon a third time representing Australia as well as all around Australia itself, in her sport of which I am very grateful Benjamin Setter Sponsors her in, but I have to fundraise all the money to send her to this… I am a motorcycle mechanic & run my own business, I am the fundraising coordinator for my daughters sporting team, and I do a lot of charity work on the side.

I am forever being told to take time out for myself. To slow down.. to smell the roses so to speak..

You cannot keep burning the candle at both ends and in the middle too… sooner or later you have to stop or your body will make you stop

There are many ways to relax and everybody is different … I personally like to get on my motorcycle and go for a ride, sometimes it is just a ride around town maybe down to the strand or out to the dam wall, or maybe to Mingela pub on the way to charters Towers for lunch on a Sunday.

I sometimes feel like I am looking at life through a window problems seems massive the littlest thing can sometimes even feel like the whole world is against me.. you are inside your home and look out the window and watch as life walks right past your door… you look out the window of your car as you drive and see everyone else looking out their own windows at life.. you are secure in your bubble, safe but sometimes you feel like life is passing you by…

It is a little hard to explain why I like to ride and why it relaxes me the way it does when I get on the bike and head out for my ride I am no longer looking through the window at life I feel the wind brushing my skin and filling my lungs, clearing my mind, I see the whole of life in front of me not from a window and I become a part of it.. no longer am I thinking about the things that are getting me down but my mind is in neutral so to speak I have to concentrate on everything around me where as you feel like you’re a zombie in the car… but as I am riding I have the ability to reassess the things that have been riding my mind.. I am able to look at them from a new perspective. I have even been known to talk my way through a problem and I realise that no matter how much I think I will never be happy with things as they are, I realise that I am happy in that moment and that there are still things that make me smile … that all those bigger problems are not so big at all, that I can cope with it all. I see nature at its beauty the rolling hills, the tall trees that surround me. I am alone in my mind but never alone on the road, as the white line rolls with me so do my comrades on other bikes they salute as they pass never knowing each other’s names, they ride with me always my companions.

This is why I ride, this is my little escape from the pressures of everyday life and this what I enjoy..

I wish for everybody to have something that can do this for them..

Spanner Sharine Milne










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Setter’s Health Centre presents Sharine Milne and her successful strategy for fighting stress!

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