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25 Mar

Pain Management In Townsville With Our Focused Practice OF Bowen Therapy At Setter’s Health Centre For 29 Years.

From the time we first opened our doors clients have been attending Bowen Therapy treatments for the management of their own pain. We are not just talking clients with chronic pain conditions, we are talking about the 8 out of 10 people in our community that will be effected by back pain in the course of their lives and are putting up with pain in Townsville now.

This is where the Pain Relief Specialists of Setter’s Health Centre can assist and help manage these common conditions with Bowen Therapy throughout the year.

So what are some common conditions that can be identified?

Lower back pain is not just for the old in our community people of all age groups are affected as the lower back goes out of balance. This can lead to possible reoccurring problems of sciatic nerve pain that flares from the buttocks and runs like lightning down the leg to the toes. Which then makes walking, working or a good night sleep impossible. Now if the lower back goes out then the neck can move to compensate and so neck pain strikes with varying degrees of intensity. From a stiff neck to an extreme wry neck to headaches and migraines. Also take in to account that as your neck and shoulders stiffen which can lead to a loss of power and movement in arms and hands.

What to expect when having a Bowen Therapy Treatment at Setter’s Townsville Pain Clinic?

Bowen Therapeutic Technique (Bowen Therapy) is completely safe for the newborn baby to the frail and elderly. It is gentle, fast and a.n effective way to treat health concerns from chronic pain, mental stress and discomfort. Bowen Therapy stimulates the patient’s musculoskeletal system into realigning itself.The beauty of Bowen Therapy is that it will not interfere, and works well, with all medication and/or dietary supplements from either your General Practitioner, Pain Specialist, or Naturopath. Bowen Therapy is gentle but powerful… A treatment takes about one hour.

How To Find Us?

Setter’s Health Centre provides weekly pain relief management packages. We practice in the heart of the medical precinct at 6 Fulham Road Pimlico, Townsville… Which for your convenience is just up from the Mater Hospital. For more information on the benefits of Bowen Therapy, Phone 07 4728 8800 or contact us today about a session tailored specifically for you.

Our Aim

Our aim at Setter’s Health Centre is to focus on your goals for management of pain and symptom relief, how these fit into your life, and how to help you and your body to achieve realistic outcomes. Here in Townsville we have specialised in pain relief and pain management for 29 years.

Know Your Pain Relief Specialist!

Benjamin Setter is a trailblazer for Bowen Therapy! He is now a recognised Pain Relief Specialist  with over 29 years experience. And having performed more then 40 000 individual Bowen treatments his experience in this field is unparalleled.
Benjamin has been fortunate to spend his entire professional career as a Bowen Therapist… He Lives and Breaths this wonderful healing modality. Having opened the first Bowen Therapy clinic in his home town of Townsville Australia and received his Diploma from Mr and Mrs Ossie & Elaine Rentsch (Bowtech | Bowen Training Australia) back in 1991… Benjamin has not sat idle as he has specialised in helping those with needing Chronic Pain Management!

Today he still works tirelessly to bring the pain relief experience to the attention of his clients in Townsville and the broader community via Facebook & LinkedIn.

For more information on the benefits of Bowen Therapy, contact us today about a session tailored specifically for you.

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