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05 May

Mondayitis – Seriously?


There’s a new disease spreading across the modern workforce. No doubt it’s always been there, but now, more than ever, this malady is becoming a serious problem for employees and employers. It’s Mondayistis. Heard of it? Experienced it? It has many causes, it probably only has one permanent cure, but as the retirement age creeps up, and our resolve declines, can we beat Mondayitis and still keep our jobs?

First, a look at the numbers. One third of all sick days are taken on Mondays – which I guess means we feel a whole lot better those other six days of the week. Back pain and viruses are cited as the main cause of Monday sick-days, but there’s no secret the upswing in Mondayitis can be largely attributed to people not wanting to go back to work after a couple of days off. And if for some reason you think the latter is an assumption, how about this – January, the traditional holiday month, records the highest number of sickdays during the year. The long and short of it is that most of us prefer our days off to our days at work.

So, to ask that all so common 21st century question, who’s to blame?

Well, the answer, is…drum roll please…EVERYONE. Employers and their efficiency drives, employees and their ruts, banks and their loans, governments and their policies, the kids, you, me, even the family pet. We’re all to blame, some because they give you more enjoyment than your salary, and some because you need your salary to keep them happy. And, more often than not, it all hits home Sunday night before going to bed, or Monday morning when you try to get up. It can be simply a case of the blues, or just not being bothered…or it can actually be your stress and anxiety manifesting into migraines, tension headaches, even colds and flu as your stressed immune system decides it’s all too much.

The simple truth is that we like doing things that make us happy. We crave enjoyment and excitement, and if work is not offering that, then we are going to start having problems wanting to do the morning commute. So can we beat this problem? You might be able to make the ultimate change and find a new job that challenges and interests you daily…however for most of us, the dream job usually stays a dream, which means it’s more often than not up to you to make the best of your situation. How? Stay tuned.

Mondayitis – Seriously?

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