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26 Jun

Massage Therapy Townsville

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Massage Therapy Townsville

Professional Massage Therapy has been available in Townsville for a considerable length 0f time. When you take into account that there is only three different styles of massage to cover your bodies needs. It is reassuring to know that here at Setter’s Health Centre we have practiced all three forms of Massage Therapy in Townsville since 1991.

Relaxation Massage Therapy In Townsville

This is a gentler form of massage therapy which relaxes all body muscles leaving you feeling like a million dollars.

Sports Massage Therapy In Townsville

This form of massage therapy helps to enhance physical suppleness and optimises sporting abilities

Remedial Massage Therapy In Townsville

This form of deep tissue massage therapy is more intensive on specific parts of the body to assist in the treatment of pain relief, physical restrictions, and misalignment.

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Massage Therapy Townsville

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