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19 Aug

Is 2013 going to plan?

Dear Friends
BenjaminPress 11-04-13 at 9.27 AMA lot of us start the year by setting little personal goals or holding hopes that this one will be better than the last…so with the halfway mark having quickly passed us by – how is 2013 working out for you?
Are you achieving the goals you set for yourself way back January?
Were some of these goals to achieve a physical and mental balance?
It’s amazing how quickly the year gets away while you’re doing the 24/7. Trouble is, while you beaver away at ‘life’ you’re running out of time for all that rest, rejuvenation, Bowen Therapy or injury prevention you were planning to do during 2013. 
September and Spring are just a few days away – so take the time to consider what relaxing hobby or sport you’re participating in to offset 2013′s daily grind. Are you having enough fun? If you’re not, you’ve got just four months to turn things around before you’re making promises for 2014. I’m thinking it might be time to stop saying, “I should do that,” and actually go out and do it. Just remember, we only get a few spins on this planet, so you might as well enjoy yourself.
Until Next,
Benjamin Setter.
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Celebrating 21years Of Professional Practice Using Bowen Therapy.
An Alternative Medicine/Health Practitioner: Trained In Massage Therapy Since 1991.
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Is 2013 going to plan?

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