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08 Feb

Hobby? What is a Hobby

I have often asked clients with heightened stress levels, what they do for a hobby to relax? The answers are varied, you see some either fish, garden, play golf, or go to the gym to name just a few. They all sound nice, and even relaxing. So why are the clients still suffering from a heightened stress level? If they are living a balanced life of work and play, there should be no problems.

So I asked the question, when do you to do your hobby? The answers are illuminating, as they reply, I fish once every six months, I garden once every month, I go at Christmas time, and I go to gym once every tow weeks. With these kind of answers, it is clear to me that people have lost the definition for a hobby.

What is a hobby?

A hobby has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

A Hobby is something that you can do at home once the sun goes down.

A Hobby can be worked on for 10 to 20 minutes a night.

A Hobby will never make you money.

A Hobby is just for your enjoyment

A Hobby is something that takes all of your attention for the time you are working on it.

Of course I have been asked what do I recommend in the way of a hobby.

For men I encourage model building as good place to start. Ask yourself when did you build your last model kit? And if you answer, “When I was a kid.” My reply with tongue in cheek, “So when di you get old?” The looks of outrage on the faces of the gentlemen, when they realise that I have just called them old is amazing. Then I have observed a lot over the years, as the outrage is replaced by a look of deep concern. Then one of thoughtfulness as they go into the back of their minds to think about it.

For women I encourage jigsaw puzzles as a place to start. For you see a jigsaw takes all or most of your attention and it is difficult to multi-task at the same time. And as the jigsaw takes shape you get the deep satisfaction of seeing something beautiful created. In essence, a beginning, a middle, and an end. Which leaves you with a sense of happy satisfaction on completion of the task.

Now of course there are so many hobbies to choose from, so good luck at choosing yours.Our client Arthur Shale’s, ‘Nickel Plate Road’ HO Scale Model Railroad.

Hobby? What is a Hobby

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