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08 Jul

Eat Your Greens – Alternatives to Red Meat



The success of your Bowen Treatment rests with both your treatment and what you do to support your body in the days after your treatment. Iron in combination with Vitamin C is the greatest supportive measure for repairing and balancing muscle. Why Vitamin C? Well, it’s important for maximising the uptake of iron into your muscles. How does it do that? As an anti-oxidant, Vitamin C prevents the iron you’ve ingested from forming into insoluble compounds that can’t be absorbed. In other words it takes every last bit of iron you eat and makes sure the body gets to use it. This includes your iron hungry muscles and red blood cells that both rely on the iron compound in haemoglobins to transport oxygen. Needless to say, the more haemoglobins you have the better your oxygen supply, which is very important for repairing the muscles we’re fixing. But remember, for Vitamin C to move all that iron into your blood and into your muscles, the iron has to be in your stomach first. This doesn’t happen by magic, you need to be eating that iron so it can get there. So if you don’t have red meat or green leafy vegetables in your diet, chances are your muscles won’t be getting any of those ‘home improvements’ our Bowen Therapy wants to do. A bowl of greens six times a week will go a long way to making sure your muscles and Bowen Therapy will be in tune with one another. It’s all about balance, what you do to help you is just as important as what we do to help you. So serve up that salad, make that stir fry or steam some vegies…there’s iron in them there greens.

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What Can Bowen Therapy Do For Me?

Bowen therapy is versatile and a dynamic remedial therapy which assists with a varied assortment of health concerns. Each treatment lasts about an hour.

Bowen Therapy is effective in treating:

asthma, sinus, hay fever

musculoskeletal pain, Frozen Shouder

sporting injuries

stress and tension


bells palsy, vertigo, ringing in the ears

chronic fatigue, ross river virus, dengue fever

circulation problems, lymphatic congestion


Massage Therapy Townsville

At Setter’s Health Centre we offer 3 types of massage treatments

Swedish Massage

This is a gentler form of massage which relaxes all body muscles leaving you feeling like a million dollars.

Sports Massage

This form of massage helps to enhance physical suppleness and optimises sporting abilities.

Remedial Massage

This form of massage is more intensive on specific parts of the body to assist in the treatment of physical restrictions and misalignment

“Celebrating 21 years of continual Bowen Therapy and Massage Therapy service in the Townsville community.”

Eat Your Greens – Alternatives to Red Meat

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