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08 Jul

Community Involvement: Who is our magazine editor? Meet Arthur Shale

Who is our magazine editor? Meet Arthur Shale

Arthur Shale

Arthur Shale hard at work on a new E-magazine.


Professional Novelist, Blogger, and Editor.

Arthur was born in Brisbane, Australia. For twenty years he has worked in the broadcast television industry. He created the “Mischance and Happenstance” series in 2006, which includes; “Ad Lib”, “The Hitherto Unknown”, “Mischance and Happenstance” and “The Whereabouts of Wherewithal”. The second series, “Quid Pro Quo” features “The Law and the Mule” as book one. Other projects include the science fiction series “Rise of the Tek”, featuring “Solis”, and “Nemesis”. He has now begun work on the “Marcus Strabo” crime thriller novels, the first now available from Amazon.
Why not buy one of Arthur’s e-books? They’re available from Amazon right NOW! Simply click on one of the book covers below to go directly to Amazon to purchase that book.

A Body of Doubt

Body of Doubt 4

Arthur has also written several blogs, including Roman History Made Easy – now featured    as an on-line resource for several international universities.

119 - Vaison la Romaine
Arthur is also the voice of reason helping me to shape my own permanent Blog and Facebook link here at Setter’s Health Centre. His continuing passion for the written word has helped solidify Setter’s Health Centre to ‘A’ position on Google for Bowen Therapy Townsville and our Facebook page is growing in popularity.
Editor of Content
Setting the Path” E-Magazine.
Arthur Shale, is a twenty year media veteran, who continues to  bring a level of professionalism to our E-Magazine that cannot be matched. Every month he continues to strive to bring to you the best of Alternative Health/Medicine and good old fashioned common sense apporach to health.
Why is Arthur Shale so passionate about Bowen Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Alternative Health Information?
Well here is a clue…A testimonial from the horses mouth!
Due to my employment I have suffered back and shoulder injuries throughout my career. Bowen Therapy has not only reduced discomfort but also the cause of these injuries. As a result I have found Bowen the solution that has allowed me to continue my employment in an industry renown for early retirement and permanent back injuries. Benjamin has kept me on my feet for more than ten years and I must credit Setters Health Centre with their ongoing support and time to keep my body together in a stressful work environment. I can not thank them enough for their efforts, nor can I recommend them more highly. They have made the pain go away.

Arthur Shale
Now as I sit back to read another one of Arthur’s Novels Vagabond I will say till next time,
BenjaminPress24-04-13 at 11.15 AM #2 
Benjamin Setter.
Practice Founder. Ph: 0747288800 Email: 
Celebrating 21years Of Professional Practice Specialising in Bowen Therapy.
An Alternative Medicine/Health Practitioner: Trained In Massage Therapy Since 1991.
Publisher Of The Setting The Path E-Magazine Join our mailing list now.
Columnist for the Sun Newspaper.
Community Involvement: Who is our magazine editor? Meet Arthur Shale

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